Tuesday, July 26, 2011

How we should ask Our Lady to restore our innocence

The restoration of innocence

We can and should ask Our Lady to restore our innocence and tell her:

‘There are moments, my Mother, in which my soul feels touched by an ineffable yearning. I long for the times in which I loved Thee, and Thou loved me in the vernal atmosphere of my spiritual life. I yearn for Thee, my Lady, and for the paradise which placed in me the great communication I had with Thee.

‘Doth Thou not also, my Lady, long for that time? Dost Thou not long for the goodness which existed in this son that I once was?

‘Come, therefore, the best of all mothers, and for the love of that which was blossoming in me, restore me; recompose in me that love for Thee, and make of me the complete realization of that son without stain which I would have been had I not been so miserable.

‘Give me, O my Mother, a repentant and humbled heart, and make shine anew before my eyes that which through the splendor of Thy grace I had once began to love so very much!

‘Remember, O Lady, this David and all the sweetness Thou didst place in him. So be it!’[1]

[1] Reflections on innocence by Prof. Plinio Correa de Oliveira in 1974.  Not revised by the author before publication.

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