Saturday, July 30, 2011

Protest Against Unbelievable Ban against God at Houston National Cemetery

Texas Caravan against socialism at Houston National Cemetery

A radical communist-socialist measure was recently enforced in Texas at America's 2nd largest cemetery for veterans no less. The name of God and Jesus were banned. Veterans and volunteers were told not to use the word "God," "God bless," or "Jesus." Such words have been called "offensive."

For that reason, the Houston National Cemetery, where 70,000 veterans are laid to rest, seemed like the right place to hold a campaign against socialism, while honoring God and our fallen heroes.

As we campaigned under an overpass, shielded from a heavy rainfall, an older Catholic Vietnamese man pulled his car onto the shoulder. He was very emotional and took pictures of the campaign. His wife stayed inside the car, smiling and bowing with her hands folded in prayer. He identified himself as Mr. Duc Do and told us in broken English about his 9-year experience in communist concentration camps. He finally managed to flee with his family and has been living as a refugee in America ever since. He was happy to see us fighting socialism. "I do not want to see America fall into the same type of regime as the one I fled from," he said.

At this location, a Catholic lady came out with her two sons to visit the campaign. One of her sons is a cancer survivor who is undergoing treatment. Between trips to the hospital he joined us for the good fight. Pray for him and for his recovery.

A one legged homeless man who was asking for alms nearby said that he was strongly against socialism. Curious. Those who are promised "benefits" from socialism...the poor, know the truth about socialism. It was also somewhat unsettling to see people driving expensive cars call for the abolition of private property.

After a fruitful campaign, we headed to the cemetery to invoke God's help in the fight against socialism and atheism. Inside the cemetery, we sang "God Bless America!" as loud as we could. It was loud.

Record support in Sugarland

The second campaign was in Sugarland. Here the honking was deafening and continuous. Long lines of traffic heading in every direction gave ample time for people to read the banners. The few discordant voices were drowned in a flood of honks and cheers from the cars that passed.

Caravan against socialism and abortion in Houston, Texas

After visiting St. Therese Church, where we met several America Needs Fatima members, we returned to the same place. This time people started honking even before we set up. The honking crescendo kept up for the duration of the campaign.

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