Sunday, July 31, 2011

Rosary Turns Women Away from Abortion Clinic in Dallas

Caravan against socialism in Dallas, Texas

We prayed several rosaries at this location. But the abortion "escorts" were not happy. One of them came over to our side of the street during a break between rosaries and complained that we were sitting on a sturdy four-inch metal railing near the parking lot. Taking the life of unborn children is apparently ok; yet sitting on a railing is not. During the entire time that we were there, people inside the clinic would peer out in amazement. In fact, in only a few hours, four young women were diverted away from the abortion center to a nearby pregnancy counseling office where they were given advice against abortion.

Cooler of cold water

After leaving the abortion clinic, we headed once more to the streets for a campaign against socialism. Finding a busy corner near the mall in Grapevine, we started with the addition of two local volunteers, James and Matthew Miller. The heat was stifling. Several of our younger volunteers were really struggling when a kind family stopped and donated a white cooler full of cold water.

The public was very diverse and the people had mixed reactions. This was clearly demonstrated by one car where the driver was honking and giving thumbs up while his passenger shouted profanity. There were no people on the sidewalk because of the heat but many stopped their cars to take a flyer, "10 Reasons to Reject Socialism."

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