Saturday, July 30, 2011

Praying at massive Houston Planned Parenthood facility

The first campaign today was at one of the largest Planned Parenthood abortion facilities in the country. As we prayed the rosary aloud for the end of abortion, an abortion deathscort approached to demand that a TFP volunteer remove his camera bag which had been placed on the grass only inches away from the public sidewalk. Apparently, the grass belongs to Planned Parenthood. The bag was removed and we continued the rosary.

Planned Parenthood escorts here are brazen. One of them, we were told, was arrested for manhandling a small child who was in front of the clinic peacefully protesting with his family. He is also known to step on the legs of those who are in front of the clinic kneeling and praying. And more recently, a pro-abortion deathscort hit a pro-lifer with his car and fled the scene.

Close to the Planned Parenthood was parked a mobile sonogram and screening facility for pregnant women. Inside there are four rooms where people can have private counseling and get advice about healthy alternatives to abortion. Adoption and purity are high on the list of alternatives. The pro-life bus is fully equipped with a sonogram and pregnancy testing facilities. The young women who give their time here were very knowledgeable and helpful. It was beautiful to see the dedication and self-sacrifice of these volunteers who spend so much of their time and talent at the service of God in the pro-life cause. God bless them.


Campaign in Beaumont

After praying several rosaries at this huge abortion facility, we pressed forward to Beaumont, where pro-lifers awaited us. But instead of describing the campaign myself, I'll let one of the motivated pro-life ladies who coordinates the 40 Days for Life effort in the area tell you about it.

She sent this kind message:

"Thank you so much for your awesome, soul stirring prayer rally in front of Whole Woman's Health here in Beaumont. I don't believe we have ever heard so many long honks for life. And the smiles were contagious from passersby.

"There is hope for America still through your group's presence. Your youthful exuberance was a shot in the arm for us "elders" who seem to lag a little at the length and duration of this pro-life struggle. Surely the Good Lord and His Most Holy Mother sent you as a balm for our wounded hearts. We so appreciate your stopping and portraying such an unforgettable scene that will surely be freeze-framed in our memories for some time to come.

"On behalf of all the pro-lifers in this entire area, we say "thank you" for your fine display of chivalry and youthful innocence in the face of such hideous evil as abortion on the streets of this town. It's always said we are not fighting people but principalities of darkness. God bless you."

After nine full days on the road, traveling from city to city, meeting outstanding Americans, facing opposition, praying with dedicated pro-lifers at several abortion centers, and standing against the threat of socialism in America, the caravan came to a successful close.

May God reward all the kind souls who along the way provided us with food, support and lodging. May their dedication attract God's blessing on America and awaken more brave souls to peacefully fight the good fight in defense of moral values.

Until the next caravan tour, let's pray for one another.

Saint Michael the Archangel, pray for us!

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