Monday, May 28, 2012

Children Throw Grenades, And Worse, At Jesus’ Face In New Blasphemous Play

Stand Up For Our Lord And
Protest Today

Please join our protest of the blasphemous theater play called On The Concept of the Face...

Because in the play the Holy Face of Jesus is subjected to the most vile possible insults and mockeries!

Now this terrible desecration of the Holy Face of Jesus [PROTEST NOW] has been brought to Montreal, Canada, at the venue of Place des Arts as part of the “Festival TransAmeriques”. It shows from May 31 – June 3.

(READ WITH CAUTION... this is highly blasphemous!...and also vulgar, and disturbing.)

According to reviews of the theater play On The Concept of the Face... in the play:

  • “…a son taking care of his incontinent father. He wants to go to work, but his father ***** himself again and again. You see the brown stains on his diaper … You even smell the horrible stench.
  • “Then nine kids walk on stage. They take off their backpacks and start taking out grenades. They take out the pin and start throwing them at the face of Christ. Each time they hit the painting you hear a loud bang.
  • “The last scene is entirely about that painting.”

Protest! Now
     The Last Scene:
     (The review’s wording is too vile to repeat.)

     It looks like a large knife slashes the face of Christ. Large, red-brown streaks, a nod to the feces in the previous scene, ‘bleed’ out and spread over His face, before a black veil of the ‘tears’ entirely covers the portrait of the Son of God.

     The painting is finally torn up, giving way to a large black panel.

    Above, in large letters, one can read, You are my shepherd. There’s another word that comes into view as well: not. You are not my shepherd.

  You and I both know that it makes no difference whatsoever where the Satanic head of blasphemy rears itself...

If we know about BLASPHEMY, we MUST defend the honor of God.

     Hopefully, if many peacefully and legally defend Our Lord’s honor and protest, then we will have a very practical effect upon the administrators of the Place des Arts and the “Festival TransAmeriques” and maybe they’ll stop the blasphemous play from showing.

               If not, at least we will have done our duty to God.

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