Thursday, May 24, 2012

Our Lady Help of Christians; Important Feast Day, May 24

Our Lady help of Christians

The origins of devotion to Our Lady, under the invocation Help of Christians dates back to 1571.

In that crucial year, Christians and Turks met in the largest naval battle ever.  The great Pope Saint Pius V had labored for years to get the Catholic League together and in fighting shape.

On October 7, 1571, 210 Catholic ships, mostly Spanish and Venetians, opposed 290 Turkish ships.  The Catholics won a spectacular victory under the leadership of the Spanish Prince Juan of Austria.

The Catholic descriptions of the battle differ from the Turkish in one main point: Muslim sources say during the battle the Turks saw a marvelous and angry Lady.  She looked at them and put them to flight with her fierce gaze.

Few people mention this fact, but I see it as a lesson  -- a lesson for us today.  

In praying to Our Lady Help of Christians today, we must ask Her to frighten away with her gaze the devils and his followers who attack Holy Mother Church and the eternal well-being of our souls.

If She defeated Her enemies with a fierce gaze in 1571, why won't She do the same today? 

Also, please take advantage of this wonderful feast day of May 24 to pray and beseech Our Lady to work many miracles in favor of her sons and daughters who work day and night to serve her and spread her glories.

From TFP-ANF headquarters in Spring Grove, PA.

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