Monday, May 21, 2012

PHOTOS -- Hundreds participate in 2012 March for Life in Reading, PA


Yesterday afternoon, Sunday, May 20, there was the annual March for Life in Reading, PA.   I thought everyone did a great job at the march, and want to thank my TFP colleagues for marching with the band, uniforms and banners.

While the secular media said “dozens join the Reading March for Life,” we were there and we saw hundreds of people, perhaps there were over 500 people in this year’s march.


More pictures of the event:


The marches gets under way.  The TFP band leads the people out for the stadium and into the city.


Congratulations to the organizers of this wonderful pro life event.


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  1. We can never thank you enough for joining us in Reading for our march for LIFE! You give a powerful witness to the "truth". It was a great day and as my 18 year granddaughter said to her mother "it was awesome!" God Bless you for promoting the true teaching of the CHURCH. Donna Wright, Berks/Reading March for Life Committee member