Sunday, May 13, 2012

Fill out a form and change your gender: new law passed by Argentinean congress

by Matthew Cullinan Hoffman

May 11, 2012 ( - A bill has been approved by the Argentinean National Congress permitting individuals to change their “gender identity” at will, defining themselves as male or female at their own discretion, regardless of their physiological sex, without the necessity of “sex-reassignment” surgery or hormonal treatment, and without the approval of a judge.

In addition, if the bill is signed into law, all Argentineans will have to right to “sex reassignment” surgery in all public hospitals at taxpayer expense.

Although adolescents under the age of 18 will need their parents’ consent to change their “gender identity,” if they fail to receive such consent, they will have the right to a publicly-funded “child attorney” who will seek to override their parents’ will through a judicial order.

Gender identity is defined under the law as “the experience of gender as each person feels it, whether or not it corresponds with the sex assigned at birth.”

The bill, which passed the nation’s Chamber of Deputies last year, was approved by the Senate on Wednesday in a 55-0 vote, with one abstention.

The Argentinean government has proven itself to be the most sexually libertine in Latin America in recent years, also approving the creation of homosexual “marriage” and adoption in 2010, and engaging in a massive, UN-funded propaganda campaign to convince citizens that homosexual sex acts are a “right,” that homosexual couples are a type of “family,” and “there’s nothing wrong with it.”

“From now on anyone will be able to request the rectification of his sex, the changing of his first name and photograph in any public document,” said Pedro Paradiso Sottile, a legal advisor to the Homosexual Community of Argentina in an interview with the Argentinean publication Clarin, adding that the bill means “the abandonment of the understanding of gender identity as an illness.”

The World Health Organization and the American Psychiatric Association continue to classify “trans-gender” people as sufferers of Gender Identity Disorder.

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