Monday, February 24, 2014

Look how school CENSORED pro-life students -- Speak Up

Freedom of speech denied for pro-life students, but given to pro-homosexual group

Click here to tell the school to restore the pro-lifers' 1st Amendment Rights

Even though Bryce Asberg is only 15, he's brave.

He leads the Students for Life group at Wilson High School in Washington state.

But his freedom of speech was grossly violated. He was told by school officials that he can't organize a day of silence, hold a vigil or even put up pro-life posters for the unborn.

Guess why? Because it might "offend staff or students..."

This is what Bryce's pro-life posters that got censored look like:

Click here to tell the school to restore their 1st Amendment Rights.

Meanwhile, the "Gay Straight Alliance" at the same school put up posters that undermine the concept of natural marriage between 1 man and 1 woman. And they were also allowed to hold a "day of silence." School officials had not problem with that. They were not concerned that it might "offend staff or students..."

You see, that's how "equality" really works on the West Coast. It's fake.

And here's a photo of the pro-homosexual poster. Notice the message promoting moral anarchy: "love knows no limits." And that's OK? And not offensive?

That's why it is so important for you and me to speak up right now, because if we don't, this type of censorship against pro-life students will only tend to spread to more schools.

Click here to send your peaceful protest to the school right now

Thank God, the Thomas More Society law firm stepped forward to help Bryce Asberg and his pro-life group regain their free speech at school. The law firm sent a letter to the principal of Wilson High School, stating:

"We are prepared to pursue the matter in court."

In addition to praying -- Can you do me a favor?

Please invite your friends to join this peaceful protest. The easiest way to spread the word is to forward this email to all your friends and family.

Thank you for defending the truth.

To leave a message of support and encouragement for Bryce Asberg and his group, the Wilson Students for Life, just submit them at the bottom of this post:

Wilson High School CENSORS Pro-Life Student Group

Contact information (Please be polite yet firm)

Wilson High School
Call (253-571-6076)
E-mail vice-principal, Shane Sliva

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