Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Of Death

Death Is A Good Counselor, My Child;
Photo of Sacred Heart of Jesus Statue

Let death be most familiar to thee, My Child. If thou be faithful in asking its advice, and in following it, it will be thy solace in adversity, it will keep thee in due bounds in prosperity...

1.) The Voice of Jesus.

My Child, remember, thou must die: because it is appointed for all men once to die.

A good life is the best preparation for death. It is generally true, that he that lives well, dies well.

For a reason worthy of God’s Wisdom, the time of His coming remains hidden, that men may keep themselves in the state of grace ever ready.

5.) The Voice of the Disciple

O my soul, soon time shall be no more. Let others do as they list: let us, whilst yet there is time, devote ourselves to the work of our salvation.

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May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be our hearts’ desire!

On the weeks that you don’t get “The Voice of Jesus…Voice of the Disciple”, you might like to get “Stories of Mary – Stories of the Rosary”…every alternating week. Read a sample.

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