Monday, February 17, 2014

Please add your name to our petition against the blasphemous show called “Come Heckle Christ”

What is the “Come Heckle Christ” all about?  To find out, read this:

“Have you ever wanted to heckle Jesus Christ?  Maybe just ask him a little question?  Throw something at his head?  Well now's your chance … one night only, improvised performance where you, under the watchful eyes of God, get to heckle Jesus Christ.

Sign petition against “Come Heckle Christ”

The above quote is from a publicity statement for “Come Heckle Christ.”  It will show at the 2014 Adelaide Fringe Festival in South Australia, which runs until March 16.

“Come Heckle Christ” is the creation of comedian Joshua Ladrove and is promoted as:

“…the perfect show for: anyone who wears a WWJD wristband, disgruntled former Christians, men and women, those easily offended, priests (and by extension sexual deviants), altar girls and boys, atheists and anyone who enjoys yelling at Jesus whilst watching a dramatic re-enactment of everyone's favorite fairy-tail: The crucifixion of Jesus the Christ.

A reaction is stirring thanks to the National Civic Council in Australia.  Archbishop Philip Wilson of Adelaide, Australia urges Catholics to demand the show be removed from the Adelaide Fringe Festival.

Our Lord is being mocked and faithful Catholics, all Catholics must defend His honor, whether in Australia, America or anywhere in the world.

Join the voice of Australian Catholics by sending your protest message here.

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