Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Rosary Rally Reports Keep Coming In

Rosary Rally reports continue to arrive at our office. The very successful public rosaries took place on October 11th in public places throughout the USA. Some rallies were large, some small, but all were enthusiastic in their love and devotion to Our Lady.

Mrs. Louise Krampf from Wyandotte, Michigan wrote a lengthy account about the fabulous public rosary that she, her husband and a friend organized.

First of all as a means of discouragement, the street where the rally was to take place was tore up for construction three days before the rally. Mrs. Krampf was afraid that would discourage people from joining her rally. She did not give up though, but went ahead as planned.

She contacted the Men of the Sacred Heart and borrowed their beautiful statue of Our Lady of Fatima. She kept this statue of Our Lady at her home for the week before the rally. She also contacted her local city hall who advertised the rally on a digital outdoor sign. One of the local priests sent letters to 24 parishes requesting their participation.

A sound system was rented, programs were photocopied, a dozen roses were placed before Our Lady, who was surrounded by a beautiful gold material. A local construction owner used one of his trucks to transport chairs for those unable to stand for the duration.

The local parish choir attended the rally and sang hymns to Our Lady. There were also representatives from three different Knights of Columbus assemblies as well as the director of a local American Legion.

The weather that day was cold and piercing, yet no one left.

She counted 300 souls who did not let the construction stop them from attending the public rosary.

Many asked her to continue next year, including the Knights of Columbus members.

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