Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Will your New Year's resolution be to hold a Rosary Rally?

A wonderful New Year's resolution would be to do a Rosary Rally.  Call 866-584-6012 for assistance.   And look at these examples from 2008:

A Public Rosary From the Philippines and A Very Faithful Rally Captain In Montana

Rosary Rally pic1

    We received this beautiful photo of a public square rosary in the Philippines.  This rally was organized by Paulina Tatad.  You can see the beautiful banner that was made for the occasion.  As you can see, a good sized rally was put together by Mrs. Tatad. 

    One of the beautiful aspects of her rally was the amount of children in attendance.  Today when the faith and innocence are so diminished among the young, it is refreshing to see so many children present, honoring Our Lady along with the others.

    Mrs. La Donna Jamison of Billings Montana was a rally captain exhibiting tremendous fidelity to Our Lady.  How so, you might ask? 

Rosary Rally pic2

   Because, after much preparation and invitation took place by Mrs. Jamison, on the day of her rally, sixteen inches of snow had fallen with high winds.  Mrs. Jamison was the only person who attended the rally.  Her difficulty was, what to do with the banner?  She resolved that dilemma by tying it to the side of her van in high winds and freezing cold temperatures.

    Mrs. Jamison's report did not contain complaints, she simply realized that at five minutes before noon, she was going to be the only person in attendance.  Did she abandon Our Lady?  No. She went to work mounting her banner and then holding her own rally. 

    Mrs. Jamison closed her report with the words, "being a rosary rally captain has been a great blessing to me". 

    I cannot even imagine the graces that Mrs. Jamison received and continues to receive from Our Lady for her great act of fidelity towards Our Lady.  It is much easier to hold a rally, when the weather is nice and when there is a good sized crowd,  much more devotion is required when everything seems to be working against you.

    I pray that for 2009 all rally captains will have this same interior fidelity to Our Lady, whether the weather is pleasant or not, whether attendance is good or not.

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