Thursday, April 17, 2008

CNN, EWTN and Fox News show TFP-America Needs Fatima welcoming Pope yesterday...

I've been receiving emails from friends from across the country saying they we're happy to see our welcoming committee for the Pope in Washington DC yesterday. Some saw us on EWTN, CNN and Fox News.

Personally, I thought the motorcade and Pope mobile went by too fast. Maybe it went slower at other points of the trip, but where we were, it went by at about 25 miles per hour. I wish they would have gone by slower. Nevertheless, our people waved and I know the Pope saw us because he was looking right at our banners and flags.

There were hundreds of thousands of people on the streets to greet the Pope yesterday, so it's not like we were among the few there. But our 50 member delegation was very visible and colorful, with our typical red capes, standards, banners and flags. We also stood along Massachusetts Ave, which was not very crowded. Most of the crowd was down near the White House and along Pennsylvania Ave. The people I saw were very upbeat, chanting and singing.

I also found it very interesting that in President Bush's welcoming speech of the Pope, he spoke against moral relativism and even quoted from Saint Augustine.

Let's keep on praying.

I hope to post more photos soon. Let me know your experience in DC, if you went.

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