Friday, April 4, 2008

Need prayers? Illness... accident... a loved one leaving the faith?

Please send me your prayer intentions and I will post them here so others can see them and pray for them.

If your intention is confidential, please mark it "Confidential" and I won't make it public.

Currently, a number of members and friends of TFP-America Needs Fatima have suffered sickness and accidents, for whom I ask your prayers.

Concretely, please pray for Thomas Shibler who had a terrible accident and then head surgery.  His sister Jennifer has set up a website with updates on his conditions, and where you can leave messages and prayers.

Please visit Thomas' recovery page at:

Thomas counts on them, even if he doesn't know it right now. 

Please forgive the rushed description on the site.  It's not written by a doctor, but for now, this will give you an idea and continual updates. 

Thomas' 21st Birthday is April 12th.

If you wish to send birthday cards or any other cards, please send them to his home address and his siblings will take them to the Hospital.

He'll be very happy to see them when he "wakes up," God willing.  Eventually, he'll see all of your comments in the guest book on this site.

Our home address is:

Thomas Shibler

632 N. Laurel Street

Hazleton, PA 18201

Thank you again and may God bless your kindness!

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