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Father Damien died on April 15, 1889

Father Damien (January 3, 1840April 15, 1889)

Blessed Damien of Molokai is one of my heroes.

I never tire thinking and admiring his life of dedication to live with the lepers of Molokai, and to fight for the salvation of their souls.

What I admire most about him was his heroic decision to sever any and all worldly advantages by throwing in his lot with the lepers.  His act of generosity must have touched God deeply.

And once on the leper island, there was no turning back.

Perhaps the most moving parts of Father Damien's life among the lepers was his first sermon after he contracted the dreaded disease.  He no longer said, "you," but now he started saying "we lepers..."

His generosity shook the world.  It changed the way people saw lepers, and gave hope to a leper colony that was forgotten and neglected by the world.

He could have drummed up one hundred excuses why he was not the right priest to live on Molokai with the lepers, but he didn't.

If I am not mistaken, although his entire body was affected by leprosy, the fingers he used to consecrate where not.

In a world where too many are obsessed with having "fun" at all costs, and where abnegation and holocaust are shunned and despised, Father Damien's life shines like a beacon of purifying light.

May his generosity inspire an entire generation with courage to carry the Cross of Christ, in union with Our Lady of Sorrows, until the end.

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