Friday, April 11, 2008

Update on Thomas Shibler...

I just heard the nurses say that Thomas is making progress every day!

Thank God!

Yesterday, the lower part of his right lung collapsed. This had happened to his left lung a little while ago, and they put in a drain. They're not sure why this happening, so, he's going in for a Bronchoscopy to check for air, fluid, mucus, etc that might be in the wrong place.

While they were in there, doing this test, they were going to do a tracheotomy and remove the ventilator. But, it was decided, that since he is improving every day, they would wait till the weekend was over, and see if he could start breathing fully on his own. If so, they won't have to do the surgery to give him the trach. If not, they'll put the trach in after the weekend. We’re praying that he’ll start breathing better on his own so he can get that tube out of his mouth.

Yesterday, Thomas was tired and slept most of the morning, only opening his eyes occasionally. In the afternoon, he was more awake and alert. This brings so much joy to Mrs. Shibler, his mother, to see his eyes again. She was talking to him, telling him that he fell, hit his head. She was telling him who she was and that she loved him. She would tell him again that his sisters were there last night. She said that he appeared to really be trying to think. His eyebrows were moving up and down. He’s not responding to questions, just commands at this point.

Deacon H. Fragelli, a seminarian with The Institute of Christ the King, who will be ordained in July, came to visit Thomas. Mrs. Shibler said that when Deacon Henrique blessed him, and said “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son....” in Latin, Thomas opened his eyes wide and looked straight at Deacon Fragelli while he went on with the rest of the blessing. She was very touched and encouraged by this.

The Shibler family is so grateful to such caring and good friends.

Thanks be to God and His blessed Mother and your kind prayers, Thomas continues to improve every day. We count on your continued prayers.

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