Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Thomas Shibler update...

Thomas is still in the trauma transitional unit. He is doing well, but should be eating more. He's been only on liquids since Thursday and they're trying to get him to start on solids now, but he doesn't like the food.

Who likes hospital food!? He's loosing weight. Hopefully, once he starts with solids he'll start putting weight on again and gaining back his strength.

Yesterday, his Mom went to the hospital to spend a few more days with Thomas. 

Thomas recognized her and when asked who she was he said "Michelle."

His Mom said: "That's not what you call me!! What do you call me?" He responded: "Mom."

It's almost as if he has this perpetual sarcasm. At one point, his Mom said to him, "OK, Thomas, I'm going to go get something to eat in the cafeteria."

He looked at her and said: "You're going to invite me to go too, right?"

It is kind of scary that he's saying all of these things that are strange (not himself), but we're trying to be positive and have hope.

His Mom showed him pictures from his graduation, and he knew each one of his siblings. But when he'd see himself, he'd often think that it was his brother Peter. He doesn't think he graduated - saying so to him confuses him. He thinks he is still in high school.

Yesterday, he thought he was on an airplane with his sisters going to Louisiana. By his mumbled talking, it seems that the plane crashed in his imagination, but we survived. Someone he knew who he said was on the plane, he thought hadn't survived. When his Mom mentioned the name he acted all surprised and said "He's still alive!?"

They let him sit up on the edge of bed yesterday, but it wasn't very long and he went all pale and became very weak. It's because he has no nutrition in him!! He needs to eat! Also, he's been laying in a bed for two weeks as of last night. That'll do it too.

Anyhow, we have to just hope and pray - have trust!

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