Monday, April 28, 2008

Update on Thomas Shibler: He's been home for 3 days now...

Hard to believe Thomas has been home for three days!

It's so nice to have him home.  He gets everyone going with his little chuckle that triggers laughter in all of us.

He's happy to be home too, although he is having a hard time taking thing slow and always having a shadow.

He's still bashful to go in public with his helmet. When we went to Mass on Sunday, he convinced Mom to let him hold it in his hand if he held on to her.

Friday evening was big and long, with guests and a lot of talking, everyone telling stories and him trying to follow.

Saturday was somewhat busy too with the same sort of thing.  Poor fellow!  He was sooo tired.

He says it's nice to have people over but, he wanted to just spend a day or so with family and rest. 

There are certain things that he loves to tell all of the time, such as, "I lost over 40 pounds! Can you believe that?!!"

Or, "I juggled three balls with one hand at the hospital and the nurses were impressed! They couldn't believe it!"

He was at 138 pounds when he left the hospital, and was around 170 before he went in.  So, he did loose quite a bit of weight. He's really a bean pole now!

He still lives in a bit of a fantasy and thinks things are true that he is really imagining. But, we learn to know what is true and what's not.

He's doing so miraculously well considering all he went through!  We're so grateful for your prayers - we know it wouldn't have been the same without them!

We're lost for words - Thomas is too. Whenever we mention the prayers, he gets all serious and says "I know! There are sooo many people praying! Tons of them! I know that helped me! Wow! And did you see all of the nice things people wrote in!?"

He is so touched. But, please keep praying - Thomas is counting on your prayers. He's all worried about always being "messed up" as he says.  We tell him that he's doing great -- that he's a miracle!

He knows it, but it's still hard.  He's scared to death that when they put his skull back in, he's going to loose all of his memory.

We try to explain that it won't be like that. Of course, he may have a setback, but it won't take him two weeks to wake up again.

Of course, it's going to be several months before he gets the piece of his skull put back in.

So, please keep up the prayers!  It works to storm heaven!  Trust!  Confidence!  Perseverance!

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