Wednesday, April 30, 2008

"Look what he did to Our Lady of Mount Carmel..."

Imagem Na Sra do Carmo queimada

BEFORE                            AFTER

A friend sent these pictures from Chile, South America.

They are from the recent and horrific blasphemy perpetrated by a man dressed in black who walked into the church and set this statue of Our Lady of Mount Carmel on fire.

This is an abomination!  And I wonder what it means?

Some are trying to say the man dressed in black was insane.  While I have great sympathy for the mentally ill, I have a hard time understanding why an insane man would walk into a Church, go right up to the statue, pour gasoline on the statue, and light it on fire.

It does not add up to me.

Our sister organization in Chile is preparing a national campaign of reparation.  They are trying to get at least one million rosaries of reparation prayed on July 16th, feast day of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

Please pray they are successful in getting millions to join.

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