Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Thomas Shibler improving...

Thomas' helmet came in last night. This morning they took him for a walk. A nurse on either side of him, of course. He was weak and walked somewhat stick-like. Tiny steps, one foot in front of another. He said it did him good but "it felt strange."

As of today, they have removed all tubes and IV's. He's totally on his own.

His sister Jennifer writes:

"When I spoke to him, I asked him if he was eating well, and he told me that nothing tasted good. Nothing sounded good. Then I said "well, you'll have to think of something and Mom can get it for you." He responded "But that would mean we'd have to leave here and go out somewhere."

"Mom said he is eating, but he needs to eat more to get his strength back. He'll get there.

"He told me on several occasions "I've been here too long. I have to get out of here." I asked him how long he'd been there and he turned to Mom and asked her. "Two and a half weeks! That's a reeeeally long time! I have to get out of here."

"Of course, I encouraged him to eat like he should, exercise and do what the nurses tell him so that he can get better quick.

Thomas is improving every single day. Earlier this week, they had started talking about transfering him maybe on Saturday. It's Wednesday, and they're already transfering him for rehablilitation.

Even his voice is starting to sound a little more like him - his intonations etc. He talks slowly and uses different intonations, but you can tell it's Thomas even over the phone. It's the oddest feeling - like it's a different person, but Thomas at the same time.

Thank you all so much for your prayers and sacrifices. They are a valuable part of his recovery - we couldn't do it you! God is good! It's going to be a long haul, but he's pulling through - just how far he'll come, we never know.

Thanks for everything! May Our Lady repay your kindness!

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