Friday, April 11, 2008

Thomas Shibler update...

They removed the ventilator today!

He's breathing pretty much on his own, although, he is using an oxygen mask to help him get enough oxygen.

We're hoping he'll continue this way - otherwise they'll have to do the trachea.

His Mom said that he's a totally different person from yesterday and taking great steps toward improving. He's responding much more now.

Yesterday, he didn't respond to questions, but today he is. His Mom asked him to raise his eyebrows if he knew who she was, and he raised them!

But, it's best not to ask him too many questions, otherwise it overwhelms him and confuses him. Mrs. Shibler said at times it's as if he's trying to talk.

Tomorrow is Thomas' birthday and we sure have reason to celebrate! Very gently of course.

There will be several people going to see him tomorrow, so, that will be good. It's a birthday that he probably won't remember, but you can be sure it'll be one that we'll never forget!

Anyway, that's all for now! Thank you all for your prayers!

St. Gemma, Pray for us! (today is her feast day)

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