Friday, April 29, 2011

Amazon erases our anti-blasphemy comments – why?

Dozens of Catholics had written comments on the website of the bookstore, towards the bottom of the page where the porn-blasphemy book “Our Lady of Controversy”is being sold. 

Actually, of all the comments on that page, the immense majority were against the book.

Well, those anti-blasphemy comments didn’t last long. 

Most were deleted by Amazon, and in their place, in a short period of time, several pro-blasphemy comments were posted. 


Not that I recommend people go to the Amazon and see this porn-blasphemy book against Our Lady of Guadalupe.  NO!

But I mention this fact to show how “less than honest” the promoters of blasphemy can be in their efforts to “make believe” that most people have nothing against porn-blasphemy.  And that this blasphemous book “Our Lady of Controversy”is just like any other.

In my opinion, the promoters of blasphemy would like to make out people who care about the honor of Mary Most Holy as a few crackpots left over from the Middle Ages, who will soon fade away and never be heard from again.

So, when a whole lot of  Catholics react against blasphemy, this reaction needs to be silenced.  Interesting.

I wonder why our voices irritate them so much… 

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