Monday, April 18, 2011

This saint gave his “all” for the One True Church and died while saying Mass

                                  April 18 ---St. Galdinus

During the 12th century, a difficult epoch, the famous Della Scala family welcomed a new member, Galdinus. He became chancellor and archdeacon under two archbishops of Milan, having accomplished his office with utmost skill and integrity. 

In 1165, Galdinus was made cardinal, thereby assuming the care of a flock that was being devastated by new heresies. This responsibility caused him to preach incessantly against the false doctrine of the Cathari and to enforce the discipline  among the relaxed clergy. 

His zeal was such that on the last day of his life, too weak to celebrate Mass, he entered the pulpit and delivered an impassioned sermon against false doctrines.  Before he could leave the pulpit, St. Galdinus died as Mass ended.  He truly gave his "all" in defense of the One True Church and saved his flock from the ravages of heresy.

St. Galdinus, pray for us .  May we be protected from the onslaught of errors so common in the modern world and may we always have the fortitude to reject them, even to the death if need be.

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