Saturday, April 30, 2011

Saint Joseph: Prince of the House of David, carpenter, legal father of the Word Incarnate and chaste spouse of the Queen of all Angels and Saints

We celebrate the feast of Saint Joseph the Worker on May 1, during which time we should contemplate the marvelous qualities of this great saint.

He is a true father, yet not according to the flesh.  He is the model of all warriors, princes, wise men and workers that in throughout the ages the Holy Church would beget on this earth for everlasting happiness in Heaven.


In this card, we see St. Joseph in his poverty and simplicity, a worker from Nazareth.  But he is also an intelligent man, wise and strong. 

He is not a scholar. Yet he is endowed with the credentials to be the trustee of God’s most precious secrets. What is needed for this? To be a soul of fire, a soul of contemplation, a soul full of tenderness.

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