Saturday, April 30, 2011

This saint could not sleep until he had given away every last penny in his possession – amazing!

                   April 30 --------- St. Joseph Benedict Cottolengo

   St. Joseph Benedict Cottolengo was born in 1786 near Turin in Italy.  After studying in the seminary in Turin, he was ordained in 1811. 

When cholera broke out, he opened a hospital for needy of all kinds and classes.  His "Piccola Casa" became one of the greatest medical institutions of the time.

St. Joseph had a great charity but his confidence in Divine Providence was his greatest characteristic.  Our Lady revealed to him that no money should be kept overnight in his house.

Therefore if he experienced insomnia, he immediately looked into every drawer to find any money that may have been overlooked.  Upon finding it, he would travel the streets to give it to the first needy person.

Because of St. Joseph's fidelity in this request, Our Lady rewarded his work with extreme generosity, giving all the means of sustenance as well as the means of expansion.

Sometimes, Our Lady may ask us to do something for the Catholic cause that seems difficult or even absurd.

But with prayer and reflection, if she asks an heroic confidence, we should remember the life of St. Joseph Benedict and proceed with all certainty of her unfailing assistance

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