Wednesday, April 27, 2011

An invitation to true peace amid today’s neurotic tumult of disappointments, worries, wild ambitions and exacerbated weariness…

I speak to the especially dear atheists, hoping to touch them to the depth of their souls, in the same text in which I speak to my very dear brothers in the Faith.

Imagine yourself, dear atheist, in one of those intervals of the daily life of yore in whose calm the agreeable and profound impressions – which the labor of the day, charged with the dust of triviality and the sweat of effort, had smothered in the subconscious – would rise to the surface of the spirit.

Those were the ample moments of leisure in which the yearnings for a smiling past, the enchantments and hopes of a harsh but luminous present, and the so-often treacherous fantasies would make an agreeable stereoscope for relaxing the soul, “put in peace…in that gay and blind deceit that fortune does not permit to long endure” (Camões, Lusiadas, Canto III, verse 120).

In today’s scanty moments of leisure, on the contrary, it is the neurotic tumult of disappointments, worries, wild ambitions and exacerbated weariness that rise to the surface.

And over this tumult hovers an overwhelming, leaden, and obscure question: “What am I living for?”

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