Tuesday, April 19, 2011

This Pope Saint used his many marvelous gift to serve God

                            April 19 -------------- St. Leo IX

      St. Leo IX is one of those saints to whom God gave many marvelous gifts. He came from a noble lineage, was distinguished in manners and dress and was a fine musician.

In addition, he was most accomplished in learning and erudition, wise in the prudent accomplishment of his duties as Bishop and Pope.

His remarkable sanctity was achieved by victories both on the battlefield of the enemy as well as on the battlefield of the Cross, that personal battle which invites one to be discouraged and to retreat. 

God is truly admirable in His saints whether they are extraordinarily gifted like St. Leo IX or they have many obstacles to overcome like Blessed Margaret of Castello. All are given graces sufficient for their sanctity. 

Imagine the entire Heavenly court, each member glorifying God in His Splendors all synthesized by Our Lady, His greatest masterpiece.

Let us ask her then to use the gifts we have received for the greater honor and glory of God on earth and in Heaven.

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