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Letter From Hell – Wow

Read The Highly Instructive
Letter From Beyond
(A Worthwhile Meditation)

CAUTION: This story is guaranteed to deeply impact you and your loved-ones’ lives.

     “Claire! Do not pray for me. I am damned.”
     These shocking words begin the word-for-word Letter From Beyond of Ani V.

     Many people today avoid mention of Hell and even declare that it should not be spoken about. Yet, in Our Lady’s apparitions at Fatima, the sweetest and Best of all Mothers showed Hell to Lucia, Francisco and Jacinta, who were 10, 9 and 7 at the time.

     Of course, we of immeasurably less holiness need to pray before giving instruction about Hell: age appropriate simplicity is best.

     Nevertheless, by purposely giving the vision of Hell at Fatima, God the Holy Spirit Himself, through His Most Faithful Spouse, supports His saints who have so often emphasized the benefit, and even the necessity, of speaking about and meditating on Hell during our lives - - - as a way to hopefully avoid its reality in the next, because life is a very serious trial.

Read the Letter From Beyond.

     The Letter From Beyond recounts the tragic story of the eternal damnation of a young woman. This letter was found among the papers of a deceased nun who, before becoming a nun, had worked with the condemned woman.

                          *** IMPORTANT NOTE ***

The diocesan curia of Treves (Germany) authorized its original publication as being highly instructive. The letter first appeared in a book of revelations and prophecies, together with other narratives. Fr. Bernhardin Krempel, C.P., Doctor of Theology, published it separately and lent it more authority with his footnotes (which we faithfully copy) showing its absolute concordance with Catholic doctrine.

Read the Letter From Beyond.

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