Tuesday, July 3, 2012

What these 10 Popes say about Socialism will surprise you and inform you...

Perverted, hideous and destructive are only some of the adjectives used by the Popes to condemn Socialism. Take a look at this:

    What the Popes Really Say About Socialism

    From Pius IX to Benedict XVI, the Popes have thoroughly condemned Socialism with rock-solid arguments. Given the alarming inroads of Socialism in America – Obamacare, for example – TFP Student Action is sending you this brief selection of thought-provoking quotes from the Popes.

    I'm also sending you additional resources that will help you understand and debunk the harmful agenda behind Socialism.

    • 12 Hard-Hitting Facts About Socialist Ideology

    • What is Socialism?

    • 7 Shocking Ways Socialism Harms America

    • Socialism in Pajamas

    • 10 Reasons to Reject Socialism

      • And the Catholic Medical Association confirms: There is no "homosexual gene."

        What college students put up with on campus is just mind-boggling. You may have even experienced it yourself, when professors lace classes with Socialist-Communist ideology – ideas responsible for so much death and destruction as well as moral and cultural bankruptcy.

        That's why it is so important for you and me to use the truth to oppose the lies of Socialism.

        Have a blessed 4th of July and keep fighting to good fight,

        P.S. – Too many Americans (even Catholics) are in the dark when it comes to Socialism. Help spread the truth by forwarding this email to your friends. Thank you.

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