Thursday, November 28, 2013

Obama’s call to close Vatican embassy is ‘slap in the face’ to Roman Catholics

From The Washington Times: The Obama administration, in what’s been called an egregious slap in the face to the Vatican, has moved to shut down the U.S. Embassy to the Holy See — a free-standing facility — and relocate offices onto the grounds of the larger American Embassy in Italy.

The new offices will be in a separate building on the property, Breitbart reported.

And while U.S. officials are touting the relocation as a security measure that’s a cautionary reaction to last year’s attacks on America's facility in Benghazi, several former American envoys are raising the red flag.


  1. Liar. First, no one is closing the embassy. It’s moving to a new location – closer to the Vatican – that will save American taxpayers money and improve security for U.S. diplomats and staff.

    Second, despite the Republican apoplexy, the Vatican doesn't mind the move and hasn't complained at all. Indeed, other countries have made similar moves in Rome without incident.

    Third, plans for the move began under the Bush/Cheney administration, making the incessant Republican whining that much stranger.

    Asked to defend his party’s transparent and demonstrable falsehoods, Brad Dayspring, communications director for the National Republican Senatorial Committee, told CNN that the party is pushing back against the move because it will be “perceived” by “many” Catholics as offensive.

    But that perception will only exist if Americans believe the lies Republicans are repeating about this manufactured controversy.

  2. It's very immature to make this a political move. Besides there is no such thing anymore as a dem or rep party. They are all in lockstep with MONEY for doing NOTHING. Children in adult bodies. It's the way the last two generations were raised. Most kids had no responsibilities except maybe for picking up their clothes once in a while , while both parents worked to supply more grown up "toys" to keep the kids happy. Now when they are adults in body, they have no idea what's happening around them.
    I can tell them - the devil has taken over and changed their world!!! while they were playing.