Wednesday, April 2, 2014

From the Mail: What’s wrong with Amazon?


Several readers have asked why we allow

Return to Order, the quintessential book denouncing frenetic intemperance, to be carried on Amazon and even use the firm as a means of distribution. It would seem a contradiction to utilize this frenzied company which also supports all sorts of liberal causes.

Indeed, Amazon embodies so much of the frenetic intemperance that upends markets. It has gobbled up competition relying upon its immense resources with a market share that borders on monopoly. The firm demands large discounts from publishers and insists that publishers not undercut their prices. It will frequently disregard cover prices, thereby depriving authors of their hard-earned gains. It is the site authors love to hate.

And so the question is why would we put Return to Order on Amazon. The first clarification is that most modern books cannot be taken off Amazon. The company has access to the large book distributors and would order the books from them directly  anyway upon perceiving there is demand for them. The publisher also cannot prevent the used books that are carried on the Amazon site.  Like it or not, publishers are captive to the retail giant which has a market share of well over 50 percent of all books sold.

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