Friday, April 25, 2014

Take this 50-second Moral Values Survey ‏

Yes, I need your opinion…

And that is because you are a person who believes in defending the Catholic Faith and stopping the anti-moral Cultural Revolution on college campuses today.

So I’m sending you this short, seven-question, Moral Values Survey

And listen: Your quick response will really help me fine-tune TFP Student Action programs on college campuses this semester – and tackle hot-button issues that are at the forefront of the moral and cultural debate.

For example: What upsets you the most about college campuses today? The homosexual agenda? Abortion? Pornography? Drugs?

Let me know your personal opinion about this and other vital issues.

Click here for the Moral Values Survey

Do it – because you know that radical leftists love to dominate what they consider “their” campuses.

And professors get really angry when they see young TFP Student Action members promoting traditional moral values on “their” turf.

Example: a liberal professor at Penn State University bitterly complained about the TFP in a student newspaper. She said:

“I saw student after student sign their petition [against homosexual “marriage”] and felt knots begin to develop in my stomach.”

It's obvious. A battle is being waged for the soul of our next generation. If you and I do not stand up, the other side will carry on as they please, without regard for natural or Divine law.

So…take action!

Click here for the Moral Values Survey

Fact: students rarely swim against the anti-moral cultural tide alone.

That’s why your opinion is so valuable.

There are awesome challenges ahead…and no time to lose.

In advance, thank you so much for your valuable opinion.

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