Wednesday, February 22, 2017

St. Margaret of Cortona

Margaret was born in Laviano, a little town in Tuscany, to a farmer and his wife. When she was only seven, her mother died and her father remarried a hard and difficult woman, who spared no great love for the free-spirited girl.

Margaret ran away with a rich young man. For nine years she lived in sin, and during that time bore him a son. Her immoral relationship caused great scandal, and Margaret strove to convince him of marriage, but to no avail. One day, the man took his dog and went riding. When he did not return, Margaret became anxious. After some time, his dog returned and led her to a forest. There Margaret found the broken body of her lover, dead for some days, and took it as a sign from God to amend her life.

Then Margaret traveled to Cortona where she lived a life of prayer and penance near the Franciscan Friars. She devoted herself to caring for the sick, living off of alms, eating and sleeping little, and eventually took the habit of the third order of St. Francis. She sent her son to school in Arezzo, where he later entered the Franciscan Order.

During the twenty-nine years she lived as a penitent, Margaret often spoke with God. A result of her dedication to the sick is the Confraternity of Our Lady of Mercy, which she founded. She died at age fifty, and was proclaimed a saint immediately. The people of Cortona built a church in her honor, where her remains are housed. She was officially canonized in 1728.

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  1. I want to propagate Saint Margaret of Cortona's prayer and word.

    Thank you, Saint Margaret, for your immediate assistance and intercession- I am in complete awe over your swift response, and I am humbled by your willingness and promptitude. I appreciate your help as I battle the demonic beast that is bulimia- this disorder has robbed me of 20 years of my life and has left me emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually feeble and exhausted. After turning to you, I am seeing vast and rapid improvement in my horrid condition. I am grateful. I am humble. Please continue to assist me. Help me defeat this sinful and gluttonous disorder for I am lost, and this disorder is much bigger than me. Help cure me of these demons. Please answer my prayers.

    I want to share a special prayer with all those who are struggling with weight issues or eating disorders. Saint Margaret has been wonderful to me.

    Prayer to Saint Margaret of Cortona for Weight Loss:
    Saint Margaret, During this time of despair, I humbly ask for your help to overcome my challenge. I pray for your assistance in resisting temptation and gaining willpower to take the right action to follow the virtuous path toward peace and healing, as you have so graciously done. I pray to emulate your devotion of God and resistance to the sin of gluttony.