Sunday, April 3, 2011

This saint shattered the myth that luxury and sanctity are incompatible

               April 3 --  St. Cunegundes

There is a certain mentality that exists in contemporary society whereby sanctity is reserved for those who live in a mediocre house and ambiance in order to avoid worldliness.

This mentality also believes that ambiences filled with luxury and pomp exclude the possibility of becoming a saint. This myth is shattered by the life of St. Cunegundes and her husband, St. Henry II.

St. Cunegundes was Empress of the Holy Roman Empire. Together with her husband, St. Henry II , they lived in perpetual virginity, performing pious works while directing their kingdom with their eyes fixed steadily on the laws of God.

Surely, St. Cunegundes had to resist all the temptations of court along with the trials of daily life. Prayer and mortification were her daily companions and these gave her the crown of sanctity.  Can modern man even imagine leaders who can emulate these saintly monarchs?

It is important to realize that God gives grace in all the strata of life. All the graces for salvation are dispensed by His Most Holy Mother.  She is waiting for each of us to ask and to receive.

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