Monday, May 10, 2010

The Battle of Good vs Evil Today

    In times of dominance by evil, sometimes it is difficult to find the good.  In our modern era we certainly cannot expect any help from the media or from so-called academics with a decidedly leftist and anti-Catholic agenda.

    We see that today with the scandals.  The media and those who oppose the Church create the notion that members of the Catholic clergy are the only ones who engage in such horrible acts.  They entirely ignore the frequent abuse that takes place in schools, businesses, other religions, governments and even within families. 

    Any abuse is horrible and merits the severest punishment possible, however it should all be placed in perspective.  Why singe out only the Catholic Church?  Our hyper-sexualized society that the media normally promotes has lead to the almost total decay of sexual morality.  There are no longer moral restraints. The media makes an issue out of this only when very small numbers of members of the Church put the media's bacchanalian philosophies into practice.

    When someone in the Church does something profoundly good and holy, you will not hear about it.  The annual march for life is an annual example.  So are the public square rosaries and anti-blasphemy campaigns of America Needs Fatima. These you will rarely read or hear about in the mainstream media.

    Recently I ran across an interesting and beautiful story of a magnificent act of faith and courage.  Count Von Stauffenberg failed in his attempt to assassinate Hitler in World War II.  As a result of his failure all of the members of his family and relatives were rounded up.  Some were executed, others were tortured and imprisoned. 

    One such relative was Count Berthold Von Stauffenberg.  He was quite elderly. The gestapo imprisoned him and injected him with drugs which destroyed his mind.

    When he died, the order went out that no one was allowed to attend his funeral.  A few brave ones did attend including the Bishop of Wurzburg who attended fully vested as a Bishop.

    Rightly so, we hear so much about the overwhelming acts of evil that took place under Nazism.  We rarely hear about those brave souls who stood up to evil sometimes at the cost of their own lives.

    The Bishop attending despite express orders to the contrary in his full regalia was a true act of heroism. 

    Today amid the evils and moral horrors of our society there are those who also stand up courageously for what is right despite the consequences. 

    Besides those who defend the Church when she is attacked, there are those in the pro-life movement, those who defend traditional marriage, those who promote purity, who defend against blasphemy and sacrilege, those who publicly proclaim their faith.

    All of us have the opportunities today to be like that Bishop.  We can be Catholic heroes.   How, by participating in the above. 

    One of the easiest ways is to become a public square rosary rally captain.  It is so incredibly easy, yet so effective.  The public witness of public square rosaries mark all those who witness the rallies, whether they are rallies of one or one thousand.

    There are many, more than we think, who find the current situation in our society troubling, yet they need someone to take the first step to guide them.  As a rally captain, you can be that guide.  You can confirm that what is troubling to them, should indeed trouble them. You can also inspire them to get involved by praying and by acting in opposition to these trends.

    Anyone who has been or is currently a rally captain knows that no one passes by without gazing at the banner and those brave souls participating in the rally.  Some pass by with a look of marvel in their faces, particularly children.  This can be the beginning of conversion and/or action in their souls.

    If you would like to be one of the brave ones to defend Our faith and to publicly promote Our Lady please call us at (866) 584 - 6012.

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