Monday, May 17, 2010

Special Invitation

You are invited to come to our Rosary Rally office in Topeka, Kansas, to help organize the 2010 Public Square Rosary Crusade.

Thanks to the great generosity of various donors, the cost of your trip and stay will be taken care of.

Only the most devout children of Mary qualify and are chosen for this mission.

To apply, please call Mr. Francis Slobodnik at: (866) 584 - 3407

Actually, the success of the 2010 Rosary Crusade depends entirely on dynamic and dedicated people like you.

If you apply and are chosen, you’d spend 2 weeks enlisting rally captains for the 2010 Rosary Crusade, scheduled for Saturday, October 16, 2010.

In 2009, we had 4,337 public square rosary rallies across America. Those rallies were organized by volunteers like you.

This year our goal is: 5,000 rallies!

Will you help make this goal a reality?

In the past, we were blessed with volunteers from all over America including Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico and even Saipan.

The most important requirement is an intense love for Our Lady, as well as a thirst for souls. Your love for Our Lady will naturally overflow in your words on the phone to prospective rally captains.

First, you will receive a simple training session. Then, a “guardian angel” will guide and help you every step of the way.

Finally, your love for Our Lady will kick in, and you will:

- place calls to members of America Needs Fatima

- answer incoming calls from prospective captains

Enroll by calling (866) 584 3407

Volunteering at our office has been described by some volunteers as a retreat.


Because volunteers receive lots of graces here.

On the phone and among your new found friends at the volunteer office, you will hear stories of devotion to Our Lady that will move you to tears.

You will see the great good you are achieving by:

- the reparation offered to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary as a result of the greater number of public square rosaries that will take place because of your efforts.

Volunteering is very rewarding – you meet new friends, attend daily Mass, and pray with other volunteers and America Needs Fatima staff while here.

You will experience Our Lady’s gratitude for your help.

If you are able to come, we will sponsor your trip to Kansas from one to two full weeks, for a mutually agreeable time, between July 5th and October 4th.

As I said, we will provide the transportation, meals and lodging for those who are selected as volunteers for Our Lady as Rosary Rally Callers!

Would you consider the possibility of becoming a volunteer this year?

I hope and pray that you will say, “YES”!

Call (866) 584 - 3407 to apply.

You may choose from a one week to a two week time frame, between July 5th and October 4th.

But please hurry. We must fill these vacancies on a first come-first serve basis and there are only a limited number of sponsorships available. Two week commitments will receive priority as the cost to the campaign will be less as a result.

However, all applications will be considered.

If you require more information, you may call me toll free at 866-584-3407, or you may email me at

I will be more than happy to answer any of your questions.

I hope you will take advantage of this golden opportunity to inquire about becoming a volunteer for Our Lady.

In Jesus and Mary,


Francis Slobodnik

Rosary Crusade Director

P.S. – Through the generosity of donors, we are able to cover the entire cost of your travel and stay expenses.

However, if you are able to help cover all or even a part of your own airfare and/or meals and lodging, this would make it possible to bring even more volunteers to the Kansas office to help recruit new captains and organize more rallies for Our Lady.

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