Friday, May 21, 2010

Please call Gov. Crist today

Message from Father Alfred Cioffi:

After many years of prolife hard work, finally, the Florida Senate and House of Representatives have passed a bill requesting expectant women to see a sonogram of their unborn child before deciding to have an abortion. In addition, this bill (HB 1143) will prohibit our taxdollars to pay for abortions. So, this is a very prolife bill!

Now, it is up to Governor Crist to sign it into law or not. He is still undecided, but the pro-abortion people are convincing him not to sign it. They want to use our taxdollars to pay for abortions, and they want to keep women in ignorance regarding the humanity of their unborn children.

Please, take a moment right now again to call Governor Crist (850-488-7146) and email him:

Please be patient on the phone call, because you might have to wait a few minutes on hold. It has been estimated that the vast majority of women who see the ultrasound of their child DO NO ABORT. This is one of the most effective ways of saving human lives!

Please don’t delay, the Governor is about to make his decision. Just ask him, respectfully, to sign HB1143 into law.

Please also pray for this, but not as a substitute for action. The Holy Spirit is counting on us!

Thank you very much, and many blessings

Fr. Alfred Cioffi

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