Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Our Lady’s Holy Grandeur

The Apostolate of Presence and Way of Being of Our Lady

Excerpt from the book The Divine Life of the Most Holy Virgin

(from The Mystical City of God by Venerable Mary of Agreda)

“Wonderful was the astonishment of strangers who beheld her for the first time; the faithful, the pagans, the Jews, all were ravished with admiration at the sight of her majesty, grace, humility and superhuman charity; being much moved, they cried out: ‘This is truly the Mother of God!’ and they embraced the holy faith.

In their relations with her, they felt that she was the true channel of divine grace. Her words, full of profound wisdom, carried conviction to every intellect and communicated to all the light of eternal life; in the same manner, by the infinite grace and ineffable beauty of her countenance and sweet majesty, she attracted all hearts and led them to a perfect life.

At this sight, some were seized with astonishment. Others shed tears, others spoke of it with admiration, all united to praise her, confessing Christ to be true God, because His Mother was so incomparably beautiful, amiable, humble and holy.

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