Monday, May 3, 2010

Photos from TFP-ANF Kansas Regional Conference

2010 Reg Con 024    

Over 90 gathered on Saturday, May 1st to attend the 4th annual TFP-America Needs Fatima Kansas Regional Conference.  This event was held in Topeka, KS.

2010 Reg Con 004

    The theme for this year's conference was, "What Is Happening."  Our society is currently faced with serious moral dangers, more so than ever before.  Traditional marriage is threatened, as well as the family, our brave armed forces, our economy etc. 

2010 Reg Con 032


The three presentations helped attendees understand both the gravity and the real roots of these problems.  The final presentation offered the solution.

2010 Reg Con 008

    The first presentation, "To Keep Our Honor Clean" was given by Mr. Norman Fulkerson, author of An American Knight.  He explained the gravity of allowing open homosexuals to serve in the military. He also gave the history of profound anti-hierarchical changes in the military that began after World War II that have led to this mind set that allows individuals to serve who would be a tremendous detriment to the morale and therefore effectiveness of our military. 

      Mr. Fulkerson also offered accounts of encounters with military officers, some with the rank of general, who vehemently oppose this relaxation of the high moral standards of our military that have traditionally existed. He encouraged all in attendance to distribute as much as possible the official statement of the American TFP about this most important issue.

2010 Reg Con 010

    The second presentation was given by veteran TFP member, Mr. Gustavo Solimeo.  The title of Mr. Solimeo's talk was, "What Is the Essence of Socialism?"  Many in our society today are rightly much concerned about socialistic trends.  Unfortunately, many have the impression that socialism is only concerned with economics.  Mr. Solimeo demonstrated how nothing could be farther from the truth.  Socialism, is as Mr. Solimeo explained, a synonym to Communism.  Socialism desires to tear down all of the moral and social fiber of Christian Civilization, certainly including economics, but also touching upon religion, the family, education, morality etc.

2010 Reg Con 025

    After an enjoyable lunch, Mr. Bryon Whitcraft offered hope to the audience.  Yes, our society is very markedly heading in the wrong direction, however there is hope. 

2010 Reg Con 030

The title of Mr. Whitcraft's presentation was, "Devotion to Our Lady, Its Importance, and What It Means In Our Times."

    His presentation was based upon the life of and some reflections of the late Professor Plinio Correa De Oliveira, founder of the Brazilian TFP and inspirer of other TFP's around the world.

    Mr. Whitcraft commented upon the seven attributes of Our Lady that Dr. Plinio admired most about Our Lady.  Besides these comments reflecting the profound piety and devotion to Our Lady of Dr. Plinio, Mr. Whitcraft also explained with Dr. Plinio's own words, how devotion to Our Lady demands action.

"In our times, what does service to Our Lady mean?  It means saving souls by all possible legitimate means, among which we want to accentuate one: to take all things, to order them according to this spirit and to build Christian culture and Civilization.  Because under a certain aspect, these are nothing but the disposition of things so that they reflect God in this life, and thus guide souls to eternal life.  To be consecrated to Our Lady and to serve Her means to sustain, to promote and to defend culture and civilization from its opponents."

    Our Lady is our hope. We must do our part, however it is She Who will in the end triumph with Her Immaculate Heart.

    The conference ended with the Glorious Mysteries of the Holy Rosary.

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