Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Archbishop wants “church captains” in every parish to oppose homosexual “marriage”

According to news reports, Archbishop John Nienstedt, the ordinary of the diocese of Minneapolis-St.Paul (MN) sent a letter to every priest in the state urging them to put every Catholic church in Minnesota to work towards the passing of a constitutional amendment banning homosexual “marriage.”

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  1. I wish our Cardinal here in Massachusetts had the guts to do that ,when gay marriage passed here without opposition.

  2. Yes but he's meeting a lot of resistance both within and without.


  3. God bless Bishop Nienstedt and all who are standing up for one man/one woman marriage. If ever it is decided that marriage can mean whatever to whomever--- I believe we will see a further degradation to women and children than ever before. God help us to help others to see how important this fight is!