Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Georgetown University scene of unspeakable Michael Moore homosexual blasphemy against Our Lord

Send your protest message to Georgetown

According to news reports, the leftist film maker Michael Moore was recently invited to speak at Georgetown University about his latest book “Here Comes Trouble.”

During the lecture, which was full of profanity, Moore blasphemed Our Lord Jesus Christ:

“You know those 12 men Jesus was always hanging out with?” he said to laughter. “You know what that means.”

Send your protest message to Georgetown

How can such blasphemies be allowed at a Catholic University? Are there no disciplinary measures that can be used to stop this? Will Jesuit run Georgetown do reparation?

As for us lay Catholics, we must defend Jesus’ honor by peacefully, but loudly raising our voices against this outrage.

And please say this beautiful reparation prayer to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Reparation prayer to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

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