Monday, October 24, 2011

What I Saw at Occupy Wall Street

Soon after entering the protest perimeter at Zuccotti Park a piece of communist propaganda was thrust into my hand.  The flier starts: “It’s not just Wall Street… capitalism must be destroyed.”

Occupy Wall Street Protest NYC

Communist terrorist Che is celebrated at OWT

As I continued reading, other lines jumped off the page:  “Only communism can live up to the aspirations the Occupy Wall Street movement has tapped into.”  Then the tag line calls readers to “join the revolutionary communist Progressive Labor Party.”
I kept walking, tiptoeing around a maze of sleeping bags and clutter. 

The next sight that caught my attention was a large, dirty flag stamped with the figure of communist terrorist Che Guevara held by a disheveled protester.  I approached and saw “Smash the State” printed on it.  “I don’t think this is going to remain peaceful,” said the fellow holding the communist Che flag.  Meanwhile, a group of agitated anarchists dressed in dark, dirty clothes yelled, “What does democracy look like?  This is what democracy looks like.”

Occupy Wall Street Protest NYC

Is a new tribal savage

Beside the Che flag was a gray-bearded man hawking buttons.  “I’m an anarchist,” he offered. Pointing to his buttons, he explained: “These are anti-war, these are racial, these are gender [pro-homosexual], and these are anti-authoritarian.”  Other crude signs were displayed amid the eclectic conglomeration of hundreds of disgruntled protesters.  “Eat the rich,” said one.  Others promoted socialism or environmental “rights.”

Then I stumbled into a discussion circle dedicated to “breaking the gender binary,” which is another way of saying they want to dismantle the differences between male and female. The very idea of manhood and womanhood was offensive to them.
How interesting.  Seemingly separate movements all converged for a common revolt.  Protesters shared a common contempt for authority, our military, morality, law, order, private property and inequality in general.  By chance, I looked up and saw a man holding a megaphone emblazoned with the word “revolt.” 

Occupy Wall Street Protest NYC

Class war:  "I want you to
steal from the rich."

Churchill put it well.  “Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy.  Its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.”
I continue strolling around. 

The odor was aggressive, very unpleasant.  Almost every conversation I overheard was heavily laden with profanity.  I was even cursed out by a woman who did not like my video camera.
The protesters fancy that they represent 99% of America.  But do they?  Do people waving communist flags stamped with an image of Che Guevara, peddling anarchy and socialism really represent 99% of America?  No.  Not even 1%.

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by John Ritchie

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  1. Capitalism is a monster. It is a Frankenstein.Capitalism is destroying the global ecosysteem. Once unleashed, it cannot be controlled, and it threatens us. It brings crises, each worse than the last. The crises are an epidemic that once would have been absurd: overproduction. We create too much stuff. The glut means that the factories, the productive forces, must be destroyed. There is too much civilization, too much means of subsistence, too much industry, too much commerce. Profit is threatened, so the bourgeoisie drives up profits by destroying capital. They throw workers, already desperate, onto the street.Democracy under capitalism is actually a bourgeois dictatorship. Men are now merely part of the machines they work. Workshops become factories. Workers are organized like soldiers/Zombie. They are slaves, both to their masters and their machines......Communism sounds like a good idea. In the purest form of communism, all people hold all land, factories and so on in trust, as it were. In this way, all goods are shared equally by the people. There is no poverty — nor is there an upper class. The goal of the Communists was ultimately to put an end to all exploitation, stop imperialism, bring working class people into political power all around the world, stop all war, and create a single unified global community where all people in the world were equal with equal rights in a global democratic society where everyone shared everything. In a nutshell, that's what it was all about.