Friday, February 26, 2010

Buddhist display at Catholic monastery canceled!

The Buddhist propaganda display in Cuzco, scheduled for February 26 to 28, will no longer be held at the Convent of Santo Domingo as scheduled.  At the last minute, they decided to transfer it to another location.

There is no doubt the massive protest by faithful Catholics coordinated by Tradition in Action played a decisive role in bringing about this outcome.

People from all over Peru, the Americas and Europe sent countless Internet messages to the pertinent ecclesiastical authorities noting the display would be a "grave desecration" that would "turn the historic Cuzco shrine into a focus for the propaganda of a false and essentially anti-Christian belief.”

And the timely and massive Catholic reaction undoubtedly contributed to prevent the Convent from being incomprehensibly stained with an exhibition offensive to the Catholic faith.

Tradition and Action congratulates the Catholic people of Cuzco on this result, as well as all those around the world who joined the campaign by sending their protest messages; to them, we express our deep appreciation.

Once again it has been demonstrated how effective it is to always defend Catholic values within the laws of God and men, using the methods of public action that are the hallmark of TFPs and related entities.

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