Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Marvels of grace at the Pilgrimage to Our Lady of Good Success, in Quito, Ecuador

    Last week one of the pilgrims who traveled to Quito Ecuador at the beginning of February commented on the two most important events that took place while there.  These two events were, in his opinion life transforming events.

    Comments were put on our blog last week about the first one, the rosary of the dawn.  In the mean time an excellent article by John Horvat has since been posted with his insightful observations of the entire event and all that happened to him leading up to and during that event.

    Our pilgrim would now like to comment on the second most important event to him, February 3rd.  The day after the rosary of the dawn, the statue of Our Lady of Good Success was returned to the cloister where She reigns throughout the year. 

    A large and devoted crowd was on hand for this occasion.  The chapel was filled to capacity with devotees of Our Lady of Good Success.  The chaplain, Father Romanoski led the public recitation of the rosary.  Afterwards, Our Lady was prepared to return to her place as abbess of the convent. 

    In the chapel Our Lady reigns from above the main altar.  TFP members helped prepare her transfer to the cloister.  TFP members and the pilgrims who traveled to Quito for this historic occasion had the grace and honor to participate in this touching ceremony.

    The Infant Jesus was reverently removed from the hands of Our Lady and then placed in the hands of a pilgrim to carry in the procession to the cloister.  The crown was also removed and placed on a silver tray.  So also was the rosary, the keys of the convent, her crosier and Her mantle.

    Each and every pilgrim had the opportunity to participate in some capacity.  The ladies took turns holding the various marks of heavenly rank of Our Lady and carrying them in procession to the cloister. 

    TFP members as well as the men on pilgrimage were able to assist in carrying Our Lady in careful and sacral procession back to the cloister.  All that our pilgrim could think of was that inches away from his face, was the majestic and heavenly face of Our Lady.

    As Our Lady was prepared for Her journey, the congregation uttered prayers, some even shouted out petitions and words of veneration to Our Lady.

    Upon Our Lady's arrival in the sisters choir, she was returned to Her place of abbess and all of her dignities were returned to Her, one item at a time.

    Those so fortunate to participate knelt and stood in tremendous admiration of Our Lady in the presence of the sisters.  The mother superior led prayers to Our Lady.  During all of this, in the public chapel, Father began offering the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. 

    The rosary of the dawn was truly magnificent.  February 3rd was a different, but no less magnificent event.  The public fervor was very palpable in the chapel.  The silent veneration and joy exhibited by the TFP members and pilgrims who were able to participate in Our Lady's return was an unforgettable experience. 

    No one among the pilgrims expected to participate in any way.  At a certain point the men in the group were invited to enter the sacristy where they were informed and then instructed about what they would be doing.  Everyone was speechless with an intense gratitude.

    The men were lined up to the high altar in order to assist carrying Our Lady.  During this time, ladies from the group were called one by one to assist with carrying our Lady's marks of rank.

    It was obvious that they also were overwhelmed with surprise and grace.

    That evening at dinner much joyful conversation was shared by all.

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