Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Shocking Buddhist blasphemy hosted at Dominican Monastery

A world tour of Buddhist propaganda has come to Peru.   The "Tour" will include a visit to Cusco from 26 to 28 February, where the relics of Buddha will be hosted at the Convent of Saint Dominic!

Although Buddhism is not presented as a religion but rather as a philosophy and spirituality, in fact has a strong religious content, as a branch of the pantheistic Gnosticism, which in turn is the doctrine most opposed to the Gospel can because it denies the very concept of one God, personal and absolute.  This denial makes Buddhism, in its essence an anti-Christian belief.

But also, as the current Buddhist Lamaism of Tibet "from which several of the above - worship relics of a crowd of demons protectors', to which even human sacrifices were offered, not excluding even practice cannibalism.

II - JUDGE – Analysis

How do the Dominicans host something that is so opposed to the true Faith?

This is puzzling, especially since, as the Scriptures teach, "all the gods of the Gentiles [pagans] are devils" (Ps. 95, 5), and therefore St. Paul says that " things which the Gentiles sacrifice, the sacrifice to demons, not God. I do not want you to have any society with demons. You can not drink the cup of the Lord and the cup of demons. You can not take part in the Lord's table and the table of demons "(I Cor. 10, 20-21).

Considering the strict assertion of our Lord Jesus Christ: "He who is not with me is against me" (Luke, 11, 23), we go from bewilderment to confusion.

Do the authorities at  the Convent of Santo Domingo not see the tremendous religious turmoil of the faithful when they host a false belief at the historic convent  in Cuzco?

Moreover, this is a simple display of relics, but will include Buddhist rituals and "blessings" with supposed healing effects to attract the unwary.  Do not the authorities of the convent fear that these cults, as Saint Paul says, desecrate the temple with "sacrifice to demons and not to God"?

III. ACT - The duty of Catholics

The Order of Preachers was founded by St. Dominic to spread the truth and refute error, and never to compromise!

His first major victory was the extinction of the Albigensian heresy.  Gnosticism arose precisely from the East, of which Buddhism is a branch.

Faced with a serious deviation bafflingly its mission, as stated here, the faithful can not stand idly by.  Respectfully but firmly, we reject this disgraceful display.

Through the sacrament of Confirmation we become "soldiers of Christ", ie the Holy Spirit gives us the gift of fortitude, to witness and defend the Faith.  God will ask us accounts for the good or bad use we have made of that precious gift.  This is a great opportunity to show that we have not receive it in vain.

Let's voice our disagreement respectfully. 

Send a message to the Convent of Santo Domingo, the Prior of the PP. Dominicans, and the diocesan authority, requesting action to stop this desecration, and that it never again be repeated.

If you like, you can use this text and copy it right into your email browser:

IV - THE MESSAGE (copy and send to the addresses indicated)

Deeply shocked, I deplore the insult to my Catholic faith, the use of the convent of Santo Domingo as propaganda for pagan beliefs that are diametrically opposed to faith in Jesus Christ.

I believe that such an exhibition is a very serious and unacceptable desecration and therefore request that it be canceled, and never again be used a Catholic site in our city for similar events.


1. Convent Prior
Fr Luis Enrique Ramirez Camacho OP

2. Prior Provincial of Peru
Fray Juan Jose Villarreal Salaverry OP
Phone: (051) (01) 4277426 to 4276792

3. Archdiocese of Cuzco
Phone: 084 to 225,211
Fax: 084 to 222,781
(Please send us copies at:

The religious confusion is undoubtedly the most serious aspect of the terrible crisis of current ideas.  May the Blessed Virgin of the Rosary, Queen and Patroness of Peru, preserve our country from this evil, and give all Catholics lucidity and determination to face it victoriously.

Cusco, 23 February 2010.
Tradition and Action for a Greater Peru

phone: (01) 4620314 cel. 991975689

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