Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Highlight of the Marvelous Pilgrimage to Our Lady of Good Success

Quito 2010 114

    One of the pilgrims who traveled to Quito Ecuador for the feast day of Our Lady of Good Success on February 2nd was asked, what was the highlight of the trip?

    This pilgrim answered without hesitation, "the highlight was Our Lady of Good Success."  Many beautiful and inspiring churches, convents and monasteries were visited on this pilgrimage.  Many miraculous, sacral and holy images of Our Lord, Our Lady and the Saints were venerated on this pilgrimage.  However, nothing could compare with Our Lady of Good Success.

    The first impression of the statue for this pilgrim was the word, majesty.  Our Lady of Good Success is majestic beyond comparison.  Her majesty is filled with goodness.  Her majesty is not cold and distant but a majesty that attracts the soul through its intense holiness, warmth and benevolence.

    This statue of Our Lady also has a magnetism.  Our Lady draws one to Her, almost irresistibly, yet gently.

    The statue of Our Lady of Good Success also gives one the impression of having a lifelike vitality.  At one point when Our Lady appeared to Sister Mariana, Sister saw Our Lady enter into the statue, which would explain the sense of life of this statue.

    All of these qualities are present even at a distance.  Close up they are magnified almost exponentially.  This pilgrim had the opportunity to assist returning the statue to the cloister and he described the magnification of Our Lady's qualities from his personal experience.

    Here are two images of Our Lady of Good Success taken during this pilgrimage.  The first image of Our Lady in Gold was taken a couple of days prior to Her feast day. The second image in blue was taken on Her feast day.

    Tomorrow a pilgrim will describe what was to him, the two most magnificent events of the trip.  He tried to limit it to one event, but found it impossible to describe one without the other.

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