Thursday, February 18, 2010

Rosary saves candidate from FARC kidnap attempt in Colombia

According to press reports from Colombia, Jose Perez Restrepo, a conservative candidate running for state office was saved from a bloody kidnap attempt by left-wing FARC terrorists by the Rosary he wore around his neck.

On Sunday, February 14, Perez was campaigning in the Guaviere region of Colombia when attacked by terrorists from the leftist FARC group.

A bullet ricocheted off the rosary that Perez had around his neck. “It could have been much worse” he said. “One of the bullets that hit me could have killed me or mortally wounded me; thank God, the Rosary saved me” said Perez.

Perez was wounded in the leg. But his companions weren’t so lucky. Five others were killed in the attempt, among them two police officers.

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