Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Why devotion to Our Lady of Good Success is so important

One day in the year 1582, a young nun prayed before the Blessed Sacrament in the choir of her convent in Quito.
Suddenly, she heard a terrifying rumble and saw the church enveloped in a thick, smoke-filled darkness. The main altar alone remained illuminated, as if in broad daylight.


There, the tabernacle door swung open and our crucified Lord came forth, nailed to a life-size cross. The Blessed Virgin Mary, Saint John the Evangelist, and Saint Mary Magdalen stood by, as on Calvary. Our Lord was agonizing.

The young nun heard a voice: “This punishment is for the twentieth century.” Then she saw three swords hanging over Our Lord’s head, each with an inscription. On the first was written, “I shall punish heresy”; on the second, “I shall punish blasphemy”; and on the third, “I shall punish impurity.”

Then the Blessed Virgin addressed the young nun: “My daughter, do you wish to sacrifice yourself for these people?”

“I am ready,” responded the nun. At that, the three swords plunged into the nun’s heart, and she fell dead by the violence of the pain.

Is this a fairy-tale? An incredible allegory? The fantastic figment of someone’s fertile imagination? No, these are facts.

God occasionally visits the earth with the “special touch” of His omnipotence. By Divine discretion He makes an exception to the earthly standards of everyday and introduces the extraordinary. We learn of His interventions and miracles as if the veil of Faith is lifted a little, and we get a glimpse of Heaven, helping us feel closer to our celestial home.

Many claim to have received this magic touch, yet just a few bear the august mark of authenticity, which is usually a purifying process of the favored soul through acute suffering.

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