Saturday, January 19, 2013

January 20 -- Our Lady of the Miracle

On January 20, 1842, Our Lady appeared to a French Jew named Alphonse Ratisbonne in Rome, Italy. This spectacular miracle converted him from a sarcastic anti-Catholic to a fervent Catholic who became a priest and founded a religious congregation to convert Jews, the Congregation of Zion. Soon after the miracle, a picture was painted to represent how Our Lady looked during the apparition.

The picture became known as Madonna del Miracolo, Our Lady of the Miracle, and became synonymous with the two miracles, the apparition and the instantaneous conversion.

Fichier:Alphonse Ratisbonne, Erscheinung.jpg

Twelve years prior to this miracle, in 1830. Our Lady appeared to St. Catherine Laboure and gave her the Miraculous Medal, which brought numerous miracles to mankind. Then in 1858, Our Lady appeared to St. Bernadette at Lourdes and the miracles have continued since. These three apparitions were calculated to help mankind to fight the evils of the day -- evils that were taking many souls to Hell.

In the 20th century, Our Lady of Fatima performed the Miracle of the Sun to warn mankind of a future chastisement. What kind of miracle would be necessary in the 21st century when the majority of men are skeptical of the Truth but fly to error easily?

Our Lady said that many nations would be annihilated.

Would this be enough to convince contemporary man that he should convert?

Let us ask Our Lady to prepare us for the days ahead by analyzing how we could be better Catholics. Let us ask her for the courage to speak out against blasphemy and error in the public square. And let us have the grace to recognize the mercy of the miracles she will surely bring.

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  1. The Greek Church begat Islam and Communism because they reject Original Sin.